Don't Live in Fear of the Toxins in Your Air

Don't Live in Fear of the Toxins in Your Air

Find effective radon remediation services in Rome & Utica, NY

If you're moving into a new home, you want to make sure it's safe to live in. Maybe you've lived in your home for a while but have concerns about your air quality. CNY Radon in Rome & Utica, NY is here to help. We provide radon remediation services for older and newly purchased homes. Are you a real estate agent? Radon mitigation services can make the homes you sell safer, making buyers more likely to take the plunge.

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3 steps to a safer home

Radon remediation is a straightforward process with major benefits. Our team will make your indoor air safer by:

  1. Creating a hole in your basement floor.
  2. Installing a pipe that goes through the house to the outside.
  3. Routing radon through the pipe and safely out of the house.
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